Frequently Asked Questions

Will physiotherapy help my pet?

Physiotherapy can help an animal in a variety of situations.

Orthopaedic conditions referred can include:

  • Spinal conditions
  • Joint problems including degenerative joint disease and arthritis
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Pre- and post-op cases
  • Behavioural/temperament problems related to any of the above

Neurological conditions referred can include:

  • Spinal cord trauma or disease
  • Nerve trauma
Can physiotherapy help animals other than dogs?

Most certainly. All animals can receive treatment, although companion animals such as dogs and cats are most commonly treated.

How can I find examples of effective physiotherapy treatments?

Please go to the Case Studies page, where there are details of pets which Julia has treated and helped return to optimal recovery and function.

What do veterinary surgeons think of physiotherapy?

Most vets are generally extremely positive about physiotherapy, as they have seen the success which can be achieved with treatment. When a vet considers an animal could benefit from physiotherapy, he or she will be more than happy to refer the case to a chartered animal physiotherapist.

If my cat or dog is on pain relief and/or anti-inflammatory medication, can physiotherapy still be considered?

Absolutely, yes, if your vet is in agreement.

I think my pet might benefit from a course of physiotherapy. What’s the next step?

Discuss the possibility of physiotherapy with your vet, and see whether treatment is appropriate. If physiotherapy is indicated, your vet will refer your pet for treatment.

Why do I need a referral from my veterinary surgeon before my pet can be given physiotherapy?

This is to comply with professional regulations. Once the vet has assessed your pet and feels that physiotherapy is appropriate, treatment can start.

If my pet is insured, is it possible to claim for the cost of physiotherapy?

Many insurers do cover physiotherapy costs. However, do consult your insurance company and policy documentation to ensure the correct procedure is followed. Referral from a veterinary surgeon is always required for insurance claims.

How do I find a chartered animal physiotherapist?

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT) can provide you with details of its members. Please visit their website for contact details.

Why is it important to choose an ACPAT physiotherapist?

ACPAT members are fully qualified chartered physiotherapists who are additionally trained specifically in the treatment and rehabilitation of animals.

How can I contact Julia Martin?

Please see the Contact page for details of how to get in touch with Julia, who will be happy to hear from you.