Physiotherapy for our pets

As with humans, physiotherapy can be of tremendous benefit, in optimising and retuning physical weaknesses to help resolve pain problems

Throughout my life as a Chartered Physiotherapist, it has always been my mission and primary focus to support, facilitate and integrate the ongoing development of physiotherapy within the small animal veterinary care team.

My physiotherapy approach is underpinned by my understanding and recognition of the deep emotional bonds that we develop with our animal friends.

Since opening Physio For Pets Clinic my goal has been to create for my clients a supportive professional environment, bringing the highest quality blend of focused compassion and caring for each uniquely individual patient. The gold standard outcome I aim for with every referred animal patient is always to provide a pain free, optimal functional quality of life.

Does any of this apply to your pet?

  • Finding difficulty in getting up or lying down
  • Finding normal movement painful
  • Having difficulty managing the stairs
  • Having difficulty jumping in or out of the car
  • Is reluctant to play or go for a walk
  • Walking more stiffly
  • Seems to be lame or limping
  • Has had surgery after an injury or accident
  • Change in normal grooming habits and posture
  • Is sensitive to being touched or patted
  • Seems to be more withdrawn and not as active as normal
  • Temperament has changed
  • Less tolerant of contact with people and other animals

If you’ve said yes to any of these symptoms, physiotherapy could help. It can restore and maintain mobility, independence and performance, and can reduce the risk of further injury or damage.

Your pet is part of the family and of course you want the best possible quality of life – a life free from pain and discomfort. But dogs run, jump and bound around. They face accidents and injuries. Wear and tear on joints, the stresses and strains of an active life and age-related problems can all affect dogs and cats just as much as humans. Fortunately animals, like people, respond well to physiotherapy.

You will need to ask your vet to refer your pet for physiotherapy by using the referral forms.